Chase (v): To follow rapidly in order to catch (this could pertain to my career), to go and follow in pursuit (I think I’ll assign this to love)

I wish I had a PhD in life, unfortunately I don’t. It’s a hard thing to do and being an independent woman in Boston doesn’t make it any easier; I’m a triple A, work till I drop, laugh a lot because I can, walk fast, talk fast kinda girl. I do it all and I do it in 5 inch heels.

You would think navigating a career and a new relationship while breaking the age barrier of 30 would be as easy as getting home in a timely manner during a sox-yankees series (this ladies and gents is sarcasm at its finest). However it is not and I am stumbling through this cray cray life one day at a time with a iPhone in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.

These are my daily musings; my everyday observations. I am here to rave, rant , tell my stories and perhaps laugh at those times when wine and over priced shoes, tears just aren’t enough.

So what happens after you caught Prince Charming? You could say I’m still Chasing Boston.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Episode 7: “The Game”

Let’s get one thing straight, women have pretty strong intuition, mine has never steered me in the wrong direction. Have I chosen to ignore this sense at time?? Yes… I regret it?? Perhaps, but never have I ever been wrong. (Isn’t that a drinking game??)

One of my very good friends has finally met Mr. Too Good to Be True, we have all had a run it with this particular type of man, and she is the last to get on the bus. They have been dating for a short amount of time but to her, this could get serious and I was surprised when she asked me to have dinner with them. (as a rule of thumb in our crowd, no one meets anyone elses significant other until its exclusive) As we eased into the third course, I got this feeling, this pit in my stomach, but I couldn’t tell if it was intuition or the dozen Oysters I put down just 30 minutes prior….or the fact that I washed it down with not one, but 3 glasses of champagne.

On paper this guy was amazing for her. I have had the pleasure of listening to her go on and on and about how he cooks her dinner, makes her laugh, is successful, driven, inspirational, not to mention so very handsome and how he dates other girls. Oh in case you missed that last one what I meant to say was…..he dates other girls, and yes this was all unbeknownst to her.

I, like the rest of the 20 something’s on this planet happen to be addicted to Facebook, and how excited was I when I see Mr. TGTBT was friends with another one of our fabulous college girlfriends and when I inquired about they knew each other I was SHOCKED (not really, cue sarcastic shocked face) to find out that he picked her up one day a few months ago at some place that I wasn’t really listening to when she told me, she then went on and on and on about how he cooks her dinner, makes her laugh, is successful, driven, inspirational and not to mention so very handsome and since they just crossed the “exclusivity bridge” she wanted me to meet him.

I quickly found myself in the power play position, here I was knowing that this guy is playing both of my very smart, talented and educated friends and what was I going to do about it? The Answer: Nothing. I was going to do nothing; these girls are very smart and will figure out this situation on their own. I in the mean time will be hosting a quaint dinner party in honor of my dear friend and her new beau and what better way to celebrate then to invite some college girlfriends.