Chase (v): To follow rapidly in order to catch (this could pertain to my career), to go and follow in pursuit (I think I’ll assign this to love)

I wish I had a PhD in life, unfortunately I don’t. It’s a hard thing to do and being an independent woman in Boston doesn’t make it any easier; I’m a triple A, work till I drop, laugh a lot because I can, walk fast, talk fast kinda girl. I do it all and I do it in 5 inch heels.

You would think navigating a career and a new relationship while breaking the age barrier of 30 would be as easy as getting home in a timely manner during a sox-yankees series (this ladies and gents is sarcasm at its finest). However it is not and I am stumbling through this cray cray life one day at a time with a iPhone in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.

These are my daily musings; my everyday observations. I am here to rave, rant , tell my stories and perhaps laugh at those times when wine and over priced shoes, tears just aren’t enough.

So what happens after you caught Prince Charming? You could say I’m still Chasing Boston.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Episode 10: "The Letter"

Dearest Courtney

I hope your flowers make the trek back to Boston. If not- Do not despair, there will be others.

I love ranunculus and hope you do too. They are beautiful and delicate and rare and sweet and also damn hard to find (Long story-I’ll tell you later) Are you picking up on my analogy here? You, Courtney Lynn, you’re all those things and then some. I have thoroughly enjoyed your charming and electrifying company these past days.

The crystals are a sparking and magical prize dug from deep within the PA hills. (Following along?) Place them in a window or somewhere with plenty of sunlight or in a place where you have none at all and need some badly.

Take very good care Courtney
And thank you for being exactly you…… without compromise.

~The one that got away.

I received that letter at the security gate for my flight back to Boston. Mr. TOTGA had met me there to say good-bye with a package that contained a beautiful bouquet of flowers, crystals wrapped in linen, a bottle of aloe (for the insane burn I had received) and that letter, perfectly written on parchment complete with a wax seal.

Our story was simple: Boys see’s girl, girl doesn’t really notice boy, boy sends an email telling girl how she looked at him and it stopped his heart, girl is immediately swept off of her feet and the second she is back in town girl calls boy, they re-connect over sangria and the rest is history.

For lack of better words, he was a complete dork. The total opposite of my type but with the delivery of peonies in a miller lite beer pitcher left outside of my door one night, I didn’t know if I should laugh hysterically or present him with the “Most charming attempt to get my attention” award.

We would have been classified as a “long distance relationship” as realists we both knew that this could have never worked. The Romance of our story in that moment was much better than the fated end it was destined for.

The truth was we could have been amazing, but since we were two smart adults making an adult decision, we embraced, kissed and parted ways.

You could say he was my Aiden, and perhaps we will meet again one day in a market in Abu Dhabi.


  1. thanks for the DM on twitter lady! appreciate the compliment! :) have you lived in Boston all your life? i like the mission of your blog.

  2. Thanks doll!!! I call Boston my home however I grew up in the woods.....with no heels.